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What is McNabb saying here?

There were some interesting bits from McNabb's PC this week about the impact or lack thereof of rookies on this team. Does anyone else sense some frustration here? Am I reading too far into things?

On whether it's important for young guys to experience tough seasons: "I don't think we have that same team like we had back then. When I came in, they were 3-13, and we went 5-11 my rookie year. Then, we obviously had winning seasons consistently. But, this isn't the same team and it's not the same players. In this new age of players who are coming into this league, guys are coming in their rookie year and making an impact. So, you wouldn't expect the same thing to happen like it did back then. That's why it's really frustrating for a lot of us, because the times are changed and things are different."

He continued...

On whether a lack of impact from rookies has hurt the team: "It's different for different guys and their situations. Some of the guys that were drafted early had to play. For the guys that we bring in here, they're brought in to learn and understand what we do around here and are asked to play in their second year. Situations are different with different teams. Maybe things will change."

I dunno... It just seems to me that Donovan might rather have seen a rookie with a chance to make an impact here this year rather than a QB to hold the clipboard. After seeing the way they've played this year, it's a fair criticism to make. They needed immediate help and didn't get any.

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