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Midweek media roundup : Patterson & Kolb

First, and quite surprisingly I might add, I want to call attention to a good article by our favorite Eagles writer, Dana Pennett O'Neill, who singled out Mike Patterson for praise. Patterson has been really solid all year and as she points out may very well be the best 1st round draft pick the Eagles have made in many years. Last Sunday the Fox announcers pointed out that Patterson leads the entire NFL in tackles by a DT. Actually he has 6 more than the second place guy. Although the Eagles probably aren't having a good enough year for a guy like Patterson to get pro bowl recognition, his stats and play are good enough for him to be there.

Second, and this one is very interesting... is that Bob Grotz got some thoughts from none other than Kevin Kolb.

"I feel like I'm pretty far along," Kolb said. "I mean, how do you know for sure until you get out there and make mistakes or you lead your team to victory, one of the two? As of right now, sitting on the sidelines, I feel pretty good."

Kolb, the second-round pick out of Houston, has to exercise patience and project confidence at the same time.

"If I had to come into the game and win," Kolb said, "I think I could do it."

In all honesty he really didn't say anything, but it's interesting nonetheless that reporters are now after the kid for quotes. When Eagles beat writers are looking for thoughts from the third string QB, it's not terribly hard to figure out their intentions.