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McNabb will continue to start

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In case you were wondering, we won't be seeing Kevin Kolb this year.

Donovan McNabb will quarterback the Eagles the rest of the season, Andy Reid said yesterday.

Asked about his plans down the stretch, the Eagles' coach said: "Donovan's the quarterback right now." Asked if that meant the remainder of the season, Reid said: "Yes."

This makes total sense if you believe what Joe Banner said "could not envision Donovan McNabb being anywhere but Philadelphia in 2008" on WIP last week. I personally don't believe almost anything Joe Banner says. Too many times have heard him say the Eagles will do one thing and they do another. He plays the game well.

Frankly, I think it's a dumb question to ask. There's no way Andy could sell playing Kolb as anything but a sign that McNabb was gone next year and if his public plan was to get rid of McNabb then why would he be playing at all? So of course Andy is going to continue starting McNabb. Frankly, I think it's the right thing to do.

Possibly the biggest burning question facnig this team right now is whether McNabb can be the QB of this team for another one, two, or even three years. I know many fans think they already know the answer to that but I don't think Andy does. We know from their history and everything Andy has ever said about #5 that he likes and beleives in him. I think he clearly wants McNabb to prove to him that he can still lead this team to victories and he's going to give him every shot to do so. Frankly, I think that's more important to the future of this franchise than getting Kevin Kolb a few snaps in his rookie year. Even if you're a fan who advocates trading McNabb, certianly you'd want to see him go out with a bang and send his value upwards right?