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What seperates the good from the bad?

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I came across this article in the Delco Times with what seems like a title that's come 4 or 5 weeks too late. Time to face facts: Eagles aren't good. Oviously we've known this for quite some time... However, the article isn't directed to the fans it's directed to the team and it's a message I agree that they need to hear.
The truth? They can't handle the truth.No matter what happens, no matter how poorly they play, no matter how many games they lose, the Eagles can't face the reality of their situation -- they have a bad team.

Not awful, not atrocious, not abominable -- just bad. The record says so, and so does just about everybody who has seen them play this season.

But the Eagles still seem to think they are just a botched play or bad break or blown call from being the team that used to dominate the NFC East, the team that played in the Super Bowl just three seasons ago.

He goes on to list some quotes from the team...

"Mistakes here and there. ... It stinks, because we know we're one of the top-caliber teams in this league,'' guard Shawn Andrews said.

"We're in every game with a chance to win, and somehow we end up shooting ourselves in the foot,'' cornerback Lito Sheppard said.

"We're right there. We're just a play or two away at the end, so we know we can play with these guys,'' defensive end Juqua Thomas said.

"It's not like we're getting blown out or teams are just taking it to us every play. Just about all of our [losses] have been close,'' linebacker Takeo Spikes said.

The Eagles and this writer are wrong. He seems to think that "Good teams don't need last-minute miracles to win games. They dominate them from the beginning." Not really true.

The problem is that the Eagles really are a botched play or bad break or blown call away from being a decent team. But the same is true for a number of teams that just aren't all that good. This is the NFL, the gap in talent is not all that great from team to team. It's why every year a least one team that was bad the year before makes a run and at least one team that was good goes into the toilet. Most teams are just a few bad breaks from being bad teams.

The thing that differentiates the bad from the good are those very plays. A good team's QB doesn't throw that last pick when the game is on the line. A good team's punt returner doesn't fumble a punt when the game is all but in the bag. A good team completes that pass on 4th down for a first down late in the 4th quarter. A good team doesn't waste a solid overall defensive effort by giving up a TD on the last drive of the game.

Basically, it's not that a good team doesn't get themselves in those positions. They do. Good teams have to make a last minute drives or stops every week. Dallas needed a last minute TD to win this week, New England needed one last week...  The problem is they make those plays and the Eagles don't.

While the Eagles are correct that they are just a few plays or a couple bad breaks from being in playoff contention, they're wrong on why. They seem to think it's luck. It's not. It's playmakers. It's those players that make that one play a game go your way and not the other team's way. Case in point, the last Redskins game. That game didn't come to luck. We needed to make a stop on the Skins' final drive and we did. That's all we needed to do in the Bear's game. The fact is that if you make a play in one situation one week and don't make one in the same situation another week it's not luck.