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"McNabb covered"

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As I was watching a day of NFL football with a few friends yesterday we came up with a brand new catch phrase that I think embodies my frustration with Donovan McNabb at this point.

"McNabb covered"

You see, there's receivers that are covered and there's receivers that are "McNabb covered." I can't tell you how many times during the course of watching Tom Brady make a throw, Ben Roethlisberger make a throw, Peyton Manning, Tony Romo, even Eli Manning... that we yelled "He was McNabb covered." Maybe I'm wrong, but it sure seems to me that unless a guy is wide open that Donovan McNabb reads him as covered. Many times I saw Brady & Manning, & Romo ect make throws that McNabb wouldn't make. Not couldn't make, just wouldn't make.  Case in point, the first TD pass from Brady to Moss against the Steelers yesterday. Moss was covered over the top by the corner and underneath by the safety. Brady, when he saw the safety begin to get turned around, he immediately fired the pass. By the time the ball got there the safety was out of position, but he really wasn't when the ball came out. Bottom line is that McNabb waits until that safety is turned around and out of the play to throw the ball. Actually, he probably checks down to his next read. He simply won't throw a ball into a spot where it could get picked.

There were a million examples of this, when a guy would complete a pass and we'd yell out "He was McNabb covered."

We saw over the past two games that our receivers can make catches in tough spots. I'm talking about spots where they aren't wide open because Feeley would dare to make those throws. What's worse, it wasn't those types of throws that got picked either. His picks were thanks to him not reading the linebackers in the Seattle game and just making a few poor throws in the NE game(too little on the first one and too much arm on the end zone one). The throws he made to guys that McNabb sees as covered were by and large successful.

So as McNabb was staring downfield yesterday seemingly unable to find an open reciever, I really had to wonder... Were they not open? Or not open enough? Like I said yesterday, the Giants started 3 rookies in the secondary yesterday. I find it rather hard to believe that had every Eagles reciever blanketed on every play.