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The Linc 11.08.07 - Neckbeard is back edition!

Koy is back!
Some Eagles fans are so done with this season, they're already mock drafting! (All Philadelphia Sports)

Although not all Eagles fans have abandoned optimism. This era may not be over. (Poor Sports)

A statistical analysis of the Eagles and Redskins run games. Co-efficients rule. (Iggles Blog)

Depressed Fan has unleashed his Eagles midseason report card. Some Eagles players may require a signature from their parents. (Depressed Fan)

Did you know that an Eagles former head cheerleader is now a softcore porn star? Late night HBO is your friend. Her myspace is here. (Wikipedia)

Five Eagles who should be moving on sooner rather than later. (Eagle Scout)

Ole Neckbeard will be "spankin it" on the Minnesota Vikings sideline this year. (Daily Norseman)

Bounty Bowl asks the tough question, are we all the poison problem? (Bounty Bowl)

Donovan McNabb hit out at detractors this week, saying it's not all his fault. (Bird's Eye View)

On that note, some members of the media have begun to heap the criticism and blame on the personnel people. (700 Level)

I think we can all agree... Emmitt Smith was a great running back, but he's a horrible analyst. (The Big Lead)

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