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Bob Ford wins the race!

Congrats to Inquirer Columnist Bob Ford for being (from what I can tell) the first major Philly metro writer to call for Kevin Kolb...

Play the kid. That isn't said lightly or without any appreciation of what Donovan McNabb has accomplished for the Eagles. It has been quite a ride. It's over, though.

The Eagles can continue along as they are - and, knowing Andy Reid's reluctance to change suddenly, they probably will - but that is only delaying the inevitable. The smart play is to look ahead to what is coming, not back to what happened in the past. The smart play is to recognize that so much change is needed to get the team back into championship contention, the sand in the hourglass will bury the older players before those changes take place.

It is sad, it is unfortunate, and it is surprising in many ways, particularly the speed with which this moment arrived. But it has arrived.

So, play Kevin Kolb.

I think it's somewhat significant when the writers begin to beat the drum for a QB change because typically they're the least reactive of all media types. They spend the most time with the team, they have the least immediate medium(everything is a day later), and usually they tend to be the most reasonable. Bloggers are wildly reactive and sometimes will call for changes on a play by play basis. Radio talking heads are supposed to be outlandish and often try to find fault with anything... But the newspaper guys are usually more reasonable. Other than the odd writer like Mark Eckel who just hate the team these guys normally are the voice of reason.

So now that it's out there. What do we think? Is it time for a change? If so, should it be Kolb? Feeley?

Update [2007-11-6 23:3:15 by BleedGreen]: Great discussion going on in the comments about this one... The general consensus, which I'd tend to agree with, is that it is NOT time for Kevin Kolb. There's some debate over whether McNabb should sit or start, but most seem to feel that throwing Kolb to the wolves so early isn't going to help anyone. Not him, not the team, and not McNabb.

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