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Is Andy wavering on McNabb?

As anyone who even casually follows the Eagles knows, nothing Andy Reid ever says is not calculated. But did he finally show just a bit of doubt in his QB?

McNabb and Reid had a heart- to-heart in the locker room following Sunday's drubbing, and al though both contend nothing beyond how to right what most agree is a sinking ship was discussed, that did not stop the head coach from being peppered with questions about how long he will stick with McNabb and his balky knee as the Eagles' starter.

"Nothing is guaranteed," Reid admitted after being asked if he could declare with 100-percent cer tainty that, barring injury, McNabb will be his guy the remainder of the season. "(But) that's how I'm looking at it, yes."

Earlier, Reid answered "no" after being grilled as to whether a change under center would spark his overmatched team.

Now, I must admit, this is hardly proof positive that a QB change is on the horizon. It really was mostly a stock answer that he was sure to qualify at the end. But for a guy that so rarely has any candid moments, could this have been as close as we get?

It's hard to see how any coach wouldn't at least be thinking about a QB change at this point. Now, Donovan McNabb didn't become a bad QB overnight, he's obviously still not fully healthy. Whether his problems are mostly mental or physical is not something I can answer, but the decision whether to sit him right now depends on your philosophy on injured or recovering players. Are they better served off the field and away from contact to heal or is it best for them to play themselves into shape?

About that injury... When asked whether his 2 turnovers had anything to do with the injury, McNabb & Reid didn't think so.

"It was a coverage sack," McNabb said of the fumble. "I just tried to find an open lane to run. I didn't see [the Cowboys' Marcus Spears] behind me. He did an excellent job of tomahawking it and knocking it out of my hand." Reid said McNabb's turnovers couldn't be blamed on his knee injury. "The fumble, obviously you've got to keep two hands on the ball when you're in the pocket, and if you can get rid of it, get rid of it," Reid said. "If not, you take off and go. The primary thing there was keeping two hands on the ball. I don't think that has anything to do with the injury. And then the interception, he tried to squeeze one in there, and he had a couple guys on him. I don't think that has anything to do with the injury."
Let me give a reason why they might have something to do with the injury... Before this season, McNabb was a guy that rarely made bad decisions that led to INTs. Same for protecting the ball and getting away from pressure. He did it then, he's not doing it now. So if it's not the injury, then what? Like I said before, I find it hard to believe that McNabb became a bad QB overnight.

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