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Reid candid and revealing in post game presser

Of course I'm joking... After all, it's Andy Reid we're talking about here!

"It's my responsibility to get them to play better, and we've got to figure out what the problems are and get them fixed."

"We've got to get this thing turned around and we'll be fine"

Those were the words of Andy Reid after the Sunday night disaster. They're the same words we've heard after any loss on any other night in any other year. That's just the problem isn't it? As much as I respect the even keel attitude Reid has always had, there's a point where it starts sounding like you just don't care. Here is a guy who is in a personal and professional crisis and the best he can muster is "we'll be fine?"

When asked about the struggles with his family he called the situation...

"A battle that we've dealt with here for a few years, and I'm sure we'll continue to address the situation."

To be honest, he reminds me of a cop standing in front of a full scale riot saying "Move along, nothing to see here. All is well!" All is not well, and anyone who refuses to acknowledge that is either delusional or in denial. The coach of your football team should be neither...

By the way, my absolute favorite headline of the day goes to the Daily News for a column written by Les Bowen.

Dallas dominates, embarrasses feeble Eagles, destroying any and all hope

Pretty much says it all!

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