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Andy Reid knows QBs

I brought up Andy's record in picking QBs after he drafted Kevin Kolb this year. If there's one thing that Andy has done consistently well through his career it's spotting and developing QB talent. NO week has that been more obvious than this one.

First is the AJ Feeley situation.

A year ago, the fans and many media experts were sure A.J. Feeley should start when Donovan McNabb got hurt. Jeff Garcia was too old and, anyway, didn't Terrell Owens say bad things about him, too?

Then Garcia took the Eagles on a winning streak that got them into the playoffs. No one seemed to notice that the Eagles' offense looked just as sharp when Feeley ran it in the regular-season finale, but that's OK. Garcia played well and deserved the acclaim.

In the off-season, the Eagles re-signed Feeley and let Garcia leave via free agency. The same people who cried that Feeley should have started over Garcia were outraged.

A few weeks ago, the debate was whether rookie Kevin Kolb should play. Feeley wasn't even in the mix. Now the same people who wanted Feeley over Garcia, then wanted Garcia over Feeley, then wanted Kolb over Feeley - those people are certain Feeley gives the Eagles a better chance to win than McNabb.

See? The QB-go-round makes your head spin.

There has been one constant in all of this. Andy Reid has been right. You can question the head coach on a lot of things - play calling, clock management, those baggy shorts he wears all week - but his record in handling QB decisions has been close to perfect.

As it turns out, Seattle has Reid to thank for it's QB situation as well.

The workout, Matt Hasselbeck remembered, came on a raw Massachusetts day, complete with the usual winter double-team of snow and sleet.

Hasselbeck threw a little bit for the Green Bay Packers assistant coach, the only NFL guy who deemed him worthy of a look after his final season as Boston College's quarterback.

But mostly they talked. They talked about the plays the coach drew up on a blackboard. They talked about a snippet of film he had watched, which showed Hasselbeck hustling downfield to recover a teammate's fumble.

A few months later, the Packers used a sixth-round draft pick on Hasselbeck. Three years later (three years spent caddying for the seemingly indestructible Brett Favre), he became a Seattle Seahawk. In the seven years since he has developed into an upper-tier QB. And in the estimation of coach Mike Holmgren, this is ''his best season so far.''

That Hasselbeck owes a debt of gratitude to that former Packers assistant -- a guy named Andy Reid -- is obvious. As he said on a conference call Wednesday, ''Without him, who knows what I'd be doing right now?''

Plus, the biggest QB decision Andy has made in his career which was choosing Donovan McNabb from the crop of top 15 QB prospects in that draft(McNoun, Couch, Smith, Culpepper) was his biggest success yet. Makes me feel good about Kevin Kolb and the future of the franchise.

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