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McNabb still not practicing

Update [2007-11-30 12:43:36 by BleedGreen]: McNabb did not practice one again today which makes it almost certain that he won't play this weekend. He still says he's optimistic but I can't see him starting after not playing or practicing for 2 weeks. It's possible that he could be the emergency QB.

For the second straight day Donovan McNabb did not practice and it's looking more and more likely that he won't play this weekend against Seattle. My guess is that if he isn't able to go Friday he'll almost certainly be ruled out of Sunday's game.

Brian Westbrook also missed practice with a knee injury. It doesn't sound all that different than what's held him out of practice at various times this year and I'd be pretty shocked if he doesn't play this weekend.

The only other injury of note is Quintin Mikell, who missed last week's game and has yet to practice this week. JR Reed surprised me last week by doing a very solid job subbing in for the injured Mikell and would do so again if Q can't go. Like McNabb, if Quintin doesn't practice again on Friday I doubt he'll be able to go when Sunday rolls around.

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