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The Linc 11.29.07 - Triple Word Score Edition

Does she want Eagles pants for Xmas?
If you're still in the market for gifts for that Eagles fan in your life, of if you're like me and end up buying a bunch of stuff for yourself when Xmas shopping, you'll want to  check out the Eagles fan buying guide! (BGN)

While the morning sports radio teams decide who should be the Eagles' QB, it raises a fair question. Who should decide who hosts a morning sports radio show? (Scrapple)

Speaking of deciding you should QB the Eagles, everyone has a plan... Let's hope the Eagles have one as well. (Eagles Eye)

Sticking with the theme of Eagles QBs, is there a McNabb/Feeley double standard? Well, yeah. (Poor Sports)

Iggles Blog has some thoughts on my thoughts about Kevin Curtis and the WR situation with the Eagles. Actually, I even posted some of my thoughts in response to his thoughts that were of course in response to my thoughts! (Iggles Blog)

Now, let's get back to the QB debate. After much thought, Depressed Fan is finished with McNabb. (Depressed Fan)

Dave Brooks looks at McNabb then and now and seems to understand the negative sentiment toward him this year. (Eagle Scout)

During Sunday night's Eagles/Pats game, a Victoria's Secret model was booed by Pats fans as she handed out free underwear. I'd like to personally invite any Victoria's Secret model to come with me to an Eagles game and I guarantee she'll be treated with respect! I'll even buy the soda, because I'm classy. (With Leather)

Inside the Iggles has moved and has a shiny new site. (Inside the Iggles)

Apparently Jeffery Lurie gets his fashion cues from Apple CEO Steve Jobs. (Bounty Bowl)

Must see video here... Eric Cartman Introduces the Colorado university starting lineup on ABC. Awesome. (YouTube)

The gals at Eagles Chick have developed list explaining the toughness of RT Jon Runyan. Not having an "H" in your name is tough. (Eagles Chick)

It turns out that Jason Avant is some sort of scrabble whiz. Is "touchdown" a triple word score? (700 Level)

I've never seen this woman because I don't really watch college football, but Playboy voted ESPN's Erin Andrews as the "hottest" sportscaster (The Big Lead)

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