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The Linc's new sod is gonna get tested...

Honestly I find this story incredibly boring, but for some reason it got written up by seemingly every paper in town the week it happened. The Linc got some new sod!

That said, anyone who watched last Monday night's game at Heinz field could tell you that this story may take on a whole new significance.

ony Leonard was watching Monday Night Football, and the Eagles' head groundskeeper had nothing but empathy for Chris Ecton, his counterpart with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Leonard is hoping he doesn't have to live through the same nightmare Ecton endured at Heinz Field during the Steelers' 3-0 rain-soaked victory over the Miami Dolphins.

Like the Eagles, Pittsburgh sodded over its DD GrassMaster surface because the field had become damaged by excessive use. Unlike the Eagles, the Steelers were forced to do a 24-hour rush job over the weekend after four high school games and one college game were played at Heinz Field in a two-day period.

When a driving rainstorm swept through Pittsburgh on Monday night, the yard markers and lines were all washed away, and the Steelers and Dolphins were left to play in a mushy mess that made running difficult and kicking almost impossible.

The first game at the Linc on its new sod is this weekend and the forecast calls for? Rain & snow showers!

So while the sod, which was installed the day after the Miami game, has had much more time to take hold in Philly than it did in Pittsburgh it still has the potential to get a little sloppy. Plus, could this factor into playing McNabb or not? Is sending a player with a bad ankle out onto a sloppy field the best idea?

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