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Teams called about trading for McNabb

Adam Schefter posted an interesting story today that at least one team confirmed to him that they contacted the Eagles about the availability of Donovan McNabb this year. Turns out he was available... the price? Three first round picks.

One team admitted it called the Eagles before the trade deadline to inquire about McNabb only to be told that Philadelphia wanted three first-round picks in return for its veteran quarterback.

When teams inquire about McNabb this off-season -- and there will be, at the very least, a small line of them with all the organizations in need of a quarterback -- the Eagles' asking price will determine whether or not the face of their franchise returns.

The question here is obviously whether the Eagles were serious. I do believe that they probably would have traded McNabb for 3 first round picks, but surely they couldn't have expected any team to actually pay that price? Frankly, there's probably only a handful of players in the NFL that couldn't be had for 3 first round picks...

To me, when a team quotes a price of 3 first round picks for a player it's kind a like a friend saying they'd sell you their car for a million dollars. Obviously if you really offered a million they'd sell it you, but in reality you both know what he's saying is that he's not interested in selling.

That said, you have to wonder what the offseason could bring. What if a team called up and offered 2 first round picks(which I'd be shocked to hear)? Surely the Eagles would have to give serious thought to that offer. What about a first and second? Point is that I think more than one team are going to at least seriously inquire about McNabb and a few are bound to at least make an offer. That's going to force some serious internal discussions at the NovaCare complex...

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