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Week 11 Defining Moment

As part of a partnership with Samsung and their "In the NFL, the biggest Games are decided by the smallest details" campaign, the football folks here at SBN are submitting their "defining moments" from the weekend of NFL football. Go there and vote for my moment! You can also submit your own there. This week I actually didn't submit a moment about the Eagles because after watching a full Sunday of football there was one game that I just couldn't help but comment on... That would be the Bears v Broncos game and my moment is entitled, Don't kick to Devin Hester.

The defining moment of this week's Bears v Broncos game likely happened during the week before the game. Speaking to reporters last Thursday Broncos Punter/Kickoff specialist Todd Sauerbrun had this to say about Bears' return man Devin Hester, "We're not going to kick away from him, We respect him and he's the best, but we have guys on our coverage teams that are paid to make big tackles." As it turned out, that basically sealed their fate. Fast forward to Sunday and Denver is pretty much outplaying Chicago on both sides of the ball and leading them 13-6 in the second half. Then, just like he said he would Sauerbrun punted a ball directly down the middle of the field to Devin Hester and... well you guess what happened next. The Broncos were able to respond and score, but once again Sauerbrun kicked off directly to Hester and once again Hester didn't stop until he hit the end zone. After that, the Broncos stopped kicking the Hester, but went on to lose the game in overtime anyway. The moral of the story is... Don't kick to Hester!!!

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