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Kevin Curtis was a good buy

Don't look now, but we have a wide receiver that's quietly been having a very solid year.

After 11 games Curtis has 50 receptions for 793 yards and 4 TDs. He's averaging about 16 yards a catch.

Last year the Eagles starting WRs, Reggie Brown and Donte Stallworth, didn't equal that production in a full season.

Brown - 46 rec, 816 yds, 8 TDs.
Stallworth - 38 rec, 725 yds, 5 TDs.

So in 11 games Curtis has just about outpaced the 16 game production of last year's starters. Certianly Reggie Brown's 8 TDs from last year makes what he did look a whole lot better... but as a consistent producer Kevin Curtis has been been the Eagles best WR since a certain guy that goes by two initials...

Curtis is on pace for a 70+ catch, 1,000+ yard season which are two pretty traditional statistical benchmarks for a good WR. I think the point I'm trying to make here is that Curtis is part of what's right with this offense. He's been an upgrade over the piece we lost from last year, which was Donte Stallworth. It would certainly seem that the biggest difference between the offense last year and this year in terms of production has been mostly due to the dropoff of  Reggie Brown and LJ Smith. Obviously LJ has been hurt and hasn't played but Reggie has taken huge steps back.

Solid production from another WR and the TE position would do wonders for this offense and it's something that needs to happen the rest of this year or be addressed in the offseason.

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