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Let the QB controversy begin!!!!

Bob Grotz says Feeley creates a controversy

But of course, And Reid says there is no controversy.

After the game, when Andy Reid was asked if McNabb is still his starter, he said: "Yes."

Asked if he knew Feeley had this kind of game in him, Reid said: "We know he does. We know what kind of player he is. He's confident. We're confident in him. He's been through this before and he's won some games for us."

That said, the Philly media seems to have thrown their support behind AJ...

Mike Sielski - Burlco Times | Time to stick with Feeley

That Feeley and the Eagles didn't beat the Patriots, though, doesn't mean they can't beat the Seahawks next week. If Feeley plays against Seattle like he did against New England, the Eagles probably will win. The Seahawks, after all, are a lesser opponent than the 11-0 Patriots. Every team in the league is. Feeley had to be darned near perfect to beat the Patriots, and he wasn't, but if he's good enough to win next Sunday, then it becomes fair to wonder if and when McNabb might see the field again. By drafting Kevin Kolb, the Eagles already have signaled they're prepared to move on without McNabb, and if the injuries keep him out of the lineup, the transition from him to Kolb -- with Feeley as the bridge -- would be made much easier.

"I'm not out for the season this year," McNabb said last week. "It's a sprain that we can treat and hopefully get back out there again. They're doing great things. You just want to get out there and compete and hopefully try to do whatever it takes to win."

For the first time since McNabb arrived in Philadelphia in 1999, "whatever it takes" signifies something different for the Eagles. Based on that near-miracle last night, it means A.J. Feeley. It means someone at quarterback other than Donovan McNabb. Now, and maybe forever.

John Smallwood | Daily News In this corner, A.J.'s the way

There shouldn't even be a debate. Andy Reid needs to reconsider his proclamation immediately after the Eagles lost to the New England Patriots, 31-28, that Donovan McNabb will be back at quarterback if he's healthy enough on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.

That's not a smart move, not with what is at stake, not after the way A.J. Feeley played against the Patriots; the way he played a week earlier against the Miami Dolphins.

McNabb has had 10 games to figure things out, knock off the rust, recover from injury, regain his form. For whatever reason, it hasn't happened. The Eagles were lucky to be 5-5 in those starts.

Finally, I thought the Patriots were rather conciliatory after the game. For all the stories about how arrogant they are, I found them to be pretty nice and complimentary. I think it speaks to the fact that Andy Reid is so well respected around the league.

"I wish we had played a little better, but I give those guys a lot of credit," said Brady.

"They gave us some problems," Patriots coach Bill Belichick said of the Eagles' defense. "They did some things we didn't expect.''

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