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Injury updates & the LJ Smith situation

First, not great news on the injury front as McNabb, Mikell, & Thomas all missed practice today.

William Thomas is just sick and should be fine for Sunday night, but the other two are a question mark. Losing Mikell before facing a pass offense like the Pats could be a killer. With Considine out for the year we have almost no depth at safety and will be forced to start JR Reed with rookie free agents as a backups.

The problem with McNabb is that both his ankle and his thumb on his throwing hand need to be at a point where he's comfortable come Sunday. It seems like every day Andy Reid changes his mind as to which he's more concerned about.

Reid said on Monday that he was more concerned with McNabb's thumb, which he also hurt Sunday prior to the ankle sprain. However, Reid is now more focused on the ankle.

Said McNabb: "The thumb is another issue, but I don't think it's more of an issue than the ankle ... I have to be able to hold on to the football and throw."

DPON is the latest Eagles writer to give LJ a forum to air his contract grievances...

Smith said last week he doubts he'll be in Philadelphia next year, and when asked later in the week whether he still believed that, the 27-year-old laughed.

"I have no clue, no clue," he said.

Mackler(LJ's agent) sounds slightly more optimistic than Smith. The agent said that he and the Eagles continue to have talks and that nothing will be determined until the season is over.

"Nobody knows what can happen," Mackler said. "L.J. Smith is a Pro Bowl-caliber tight end in the NFL whose best seasons are right in front of him. Knowing how smart the Philadelphia Eagles are, I know they will try to retain his services."

Conventional wisdom holds that Smith, if healthy, will command solid attention in the open market. Before the injuries this season, he proved himself a valuable commodity in the West Coast offense, and, with tight ends becoming more popular in most schemes, Smith shouldn't have trouble finding employment.

The dream, in other words, will stay alive, but it will forever be tinged with reality. "Look, if I don't play for the Philadelphia Eagles next year, it's not the end of the world," Smith said. "I'd like to be back here, but whatever happens, I'm not a nobody. I've made a name for myself. It will work out." *

I like LJ, but pro bowl caliber? I wish!

G Cobb thinks LJ has failed in his attempt to play his way into a big contract.

You could ask L.J. about a play in the game and immediately he would start talking about his contract.  He's weak-minded.  If he plays well he's get his money from some other team, but he's played so poorly that I can't see anybody giving him big money.

Smith has been dropping passes, missing blocks and getting called for penalties all season long.  He's been a disappointment duirng his time with the Birds and hasn't lived up to what the Eagles thought he would do, when they drafted him.

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