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Patriots favored by 22 over Eagles

You read that right, twenty two!

There was no opening line with the uncertainly over who would play QB for the Eagles, but the line today opened up with the Pats as 22 point favorites over the Eagles. The over under for the game is 50 1/2.

Some sports books even have the Pats as 23.5 point favorites!

That's a college line. I'm not sure I've ever seen an NFL line that big, although I've been told that the great 49er teams of the 90s were getting lines that big. I'm not sure if it's an incredible insult to the Eagles or a huge compliment to the Pats. Either way, it's pretty shocking. When the Pats play the Dolphins again this year are they going to be 30-35 point favorites? Unreal...

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