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The Linc 11.02.07 - I'm Gonna Be A Cop edition

That's just good parenting.
If you're looking for tons of anti Dallas propaganda, my "friends" over on the BGN Myspace page have
dropped the mother load.
Yay for vitriol! (BGN Myspace)

Speaking of that, how about another collection of anti Dallas propaganda? (Inside the Iggles)

Iggles Blog has an open letter to Sean Considine. By the way, Quintin Mikell is free these days...  (Iggles Blog)

For those Andy Reid detractors out there, the bottom line is that his record speaks for itself... True. I often have to remind myself of that. (Scrapple)

Is the Dallas defense actually any good, or has it just gotten fat off playing against a bunch of terrible/inexperienced QBs for most of the season so far? (Eagles Eye)

Our boy Trent Cole was named defensive player of the week. If he doesn't make the pro bowl this year it will be a crime. (Eagles Gab)

And look! David Akers won special teams player of the month. In his acceptance speech I hope he thanked the offenses' red zone ineptitude.(Bounty Bowl)

Hey look! I'm not the only blogger that has taken up the fight against those local born Cowboy fans... (Eagles Scout)

I've never watched the show Heroes... but if this Hayden Panettiere is any indication of the quality I may have to start... (WWTDD)

According to "The player" if you boo him, it must be out of love... (700 Level)

I'm sure glad that the worst moment of my career isn't on Youtube to be played over and over again like Tony Romo's is. Come to think of it, I'm not sure what my moment would be. (Eagle Addicts)

Did anyone catch the insane ending to that Trinity College football game? If not, you must. (With Leather)

Finally, Andy Reid says F--k This. I'm Gonna Be A Cop. (Kissing Suzy Kolber)

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