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Chris Collinsworth thinks the Eagles are a sleeper, do you?

Ok, as fun as the rivalry stuff has been this week it's probably time that we get down to some football. How about some positive news? My pal, Chris Collinsworth made a pretty convincing argument in a piece he did on on why the Eagles might be better than we think.

While I like the Cowboys, Giants and Packers, I believe that it's important not to overlook the Philadelphia Eagles. One of the things I look for is a team that is ranked in the top 10 in both offense and defense, as it's rare to find teams that are good at doing both. The Eagles, for as bad as they have played, rank eighth in the NFL in offense and ninth in total defense. The problem has been the ability score touchdowns, instead settling for just field goals. The Eagles still had to settle for too many field goals against the Vikings, but if they can ever get consistent in the red zone they can beat anybody. They did get two touchdowns from Brian Westbrook and if he heats up, look out. All three of these NFC East teams have a legitimate chance to make a run.

He makes a fair point... While he still hasn't convinced me to change my stance of "this team is just not that good" he also shows why it's not that bad. We may not have a playoff team here but it's not a 6-10 team either.

The Eagles are really a case where the numbers don't tell the story. The offense has moved the ball and put up impressive numbers in terms of yardage... they just can't get in the end zone. The defense has been stout and put up impressive numbers against the run and haven't allowed many points... but they haven't come up with those game changing plays that define a great defense.

I think the team really stands on a precipice here. Those high rankings are either a sign of good things to come, or they are covering up problems. We are now approaching the halfway point of the season where "yeah, but" doesn't cut it anymore. "The offense isn't putting up TDs" "Yeah, but they are moving the ball well." There were no "yeah, buts" when we turned it around last year and won this division. After that Colts game they turned the corner and never looked back. This year's Eagle team either turns that corner now(or in the very near future) or never does.

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