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Would you take Pacman Jones?

Worth the risk?
Last week, Pacman Jones accepted a plea deal for an incident he was involved in last year in a Las Vegas strip club. That incident, as well as some others, led NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to levy an unprecedented one year suspension on Pacman.

Titans coach Jeff Fisher has said he's moved on and through the draft has certainly acted like he has no interest in taking the suspended CB back... So here's the question, would you welcome Pacman Jones to the Eagles?

Think for a second about the needs of this team. Are we not in need of a playmaker on defense and in need of depth in the secondary? Last year Pacman picked off 4 passes and returned one for a TD, he had a sack, he forced a fumble, and he had 12 passes defensed. That's a playmaker...

What else is this team in dire need of? A threat in the return game? Last year Pacman took back 3 punts for TDs. He also had 6 20+ yd returns and 3 40+ yard returns. He also returns kickoffs.

Next year in all likelihood Pacman will be re-instated by the NFL and the Titans will look to recoup a portion of his bonus money and trade him. Despite the fact that the guy was the 6th overall pick in the 05 draft, he could probably be had for fairly cheap. Maybe even a 4th round pick. This guy is only 24. Even if it was a 3rd rounder we had to give up, I think it's safe to say it's very unlikely that the Eagles will draft a corner/return man the caliber of Pacman Jones.

I know he has his personal problems and that's a serious concern. Plus, the fact that the Eagles rarely take on these kind of players is another concern. But if he was able to get himself in order, he could really be a perfect fit here. Adding a young player of that caliber could really help accelerate the growth of this team back into a serious contender. I think the risk/reward is more than worth it. Worst case scenario is you cut him and basically waste the pick you gave up for him. Best case scenario is that you get a young playmaker in the secondary as well maybe the best return man in the team's history. I'll take that risk.

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