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Run/Pass ratio for Feeley and McNabb

Someone on the EMB worked up these numbers which basically confirm what we already knew. When McNabb is not in the game, the Eagles run a different offense.

With McNabb in the game, they called 13 pass plays and 8 run plays

That's a Pass/Run Ratio of 61%-39%

With Feeley in the game they called 21 pass plays and 27 run plays.

That's a Pass/Run Ratio of 43%-57%

This really begs the question... are we better without McNabb? More specifically, is Andy Reid a better coach without McNabb? It seems pretty obvious to me that he'll never be able to resist running the pass happy offense if he has Donovan McNabb as his QB.

Phil Sheridan had some thoughts on the subject

We can linger on why Reid would pretend the play calling didn't change because McNabb was out. But the more interesting and ultimately era-defining issue is why Reid and his staff stubbornly refuse to give McNabb the benefit of a more balanced offensive approach. Year after year, regardless of McNabb's health or the quality of his receivers or the state of the offensive line, Reid makes No. 5 throw the ball a ridiculous number of times.

On a cold, windy, wet day against the 30th-ranked run defense in the NFL, McNabb was throwing 62 percent of the time.

When the coaches turned to Brian Westbrook, the Eagles moved the ball, took pressure off their quarterback and seized control of the game.

It's hard to tell whether Reid's blind spot here is a kind of compliment - he just believes McNabb can and will do the impossible - or a sign he's hellbent on getting McNabb maimed. There is ample evidence for both theories.

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