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The Linc 11.15.07 - Don't do the Lambeau Leap edition!

Not a dolphin, but sea life nonetheless
A half disturbing, half encouraging analysis of the defensive line play in the Skins game. (Iggles Blog)

An Eagles win is does more to heal you, than any doctor will... (Scrapple)

Some talk about the Eagles cap situation. We discussed this early in the week. We should have around 30 mil to spend... (Eagles Eye)

Seriously, is there any chance we lose at home to the Dolphins? I know "Any Given Sunday" but still? (The Eagles Chronicles)

The John Beck era has begun in Miami. The rookie QB will make his first start Sunday in Philly. (The Phinsider)

Are there a bunch of bad QBs in the NFL this year, or do we just look at hem differently? (Fox Sports)

The Eagles made  some roster moves that no one probably cares about... (Eagles Gab)

I have to say that Dave Brooks has a point here... Can't we just enjoy a win? (Eagle Scout)

Rookie QB making his first career start on the road in Philly? Jim Johnson is dialing up the blitzes. (Bounty Bowl)

It's Victoria's secret fashion show time again, and the ladies sure seems happy about it! (WWTDD)

According to Lito, the Eagles were lying about his knee injury. He won't say what it is, but it wasn't what they said... (Bird's Eye View)

Aj Feeley isn't good at blackjack. Of course, folks in Miami would tell you he's not very good at football either. (700 Level)

It's looking more and more like LJ Smith is gone after this year. I'm not sure, I smell a franchise tag. (Inside the Iggles)

Finally, heed this warning... DO NOT do the Lambeau Leap anymore!!! Seriously, click that link. (With Leather)

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