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Westbrook approaching milestones; Eagles/Dolphins QB carousel; Playoffs?

We all know how great Brian Westbrook and how he's  now one of the elite backs in the game... but did you know he's getting historically good?

For Westbrook, the game against the Redskins just added to his remarkable career numbers. He has eight career games in which he scored at least one touchdown rushing and receiving. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, only four players - Marshall Faulk (15), Ahman Green (nine), Chuck Foreman (nine), and Neal Anderson (nine) - have more. Former Eagle Wilbert Montgomery and Hall of Famer Thurman Thomas also had eight.

He also currently has the second longest streak of touches without a fumble... You can only hope to contain him.

The NFL is certainly very incestuous.

Stranger yet, the guy the Dolphins got when they traded Feeley to San Diego in October of 2005 started the past four games. That would be Cleo Lemon, more of a runner than a passer.

If Lemon doesn't get the nod this week, it will be rookie John Beck of Brigham Young University. Highly regarded by the Eagles, Beck probably wouldn't have been the Fins' choice if Kevin Kolb still was on the board. The Eagles, you may remember, traded out of the first round to draft Kolb.

So AJ to Miami for Reggie Brown. AJ to San Diego for Cleo Lemon. AJ back to the birds... then the Eagles trade down to grab Kevin Kolb possibly before Miami who instead pick the guy that may start this weekend against us? Is that right?

Finally, playoffs?

Strangely enough, the Eagles might find themselves on the same road they did last season, when a blowout loss on the road to the NFL's best team left them at 5-6 and seemingly without a playoff prayer. On top of that, quarterback Donovan McNabb was lost for the season, having blown out his right knee a week earlier against Tennessee.

With McNabb spending the first nine weeks of this season trying to get back to form, his Eagles could be headed for exactly the same situation heading into Week 13 at home against Seattle.

A victory Sunday over winless Miami and a blowout loss on the road to the league's best team (New England) the following week will leave them at 5-6 and seemingly without a playoff prayer.

Everyone knows how it turned out last season. At the very least, the Eagles put themselves in position with last Sunday's comeback win over Washington to make history repeat. They have hope.

It is odd to think that that in two weeks we could very well be exactly where were last year. 5-6 coming off a blowout loss on national TV to the leagues' best team(then it was the Colts). I won't hold my breath, but obviously stranger things have happened.

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