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Thank goodness for Shawn Andrews

The Eagles are not a flashy team. Even the players capable of "flashy" plays are pretty business like and humble. Brian Westbrook, McNabb, Curtis, Brown, Reid, Dawkins ect... these guys are all pretty matter of fact and don't joke around all that much when talking to the media.

While I'd certainly take that approach over say, TO's approach, it's fair to say that listening to the Eagles talk can be a bit boring at times. However, there is one pro bowler on the team that always manages to have a few great lines after each game.

Good line: Realizing reporters were patiently -- and in some cases not-so-patiently -- waiting to interview him about the block he threw on Brian Westbrook's 57-yard TD run off a screen pass, Eagles right guard Shawn Andrews smiled, shook his head and held up a bottle of eye drops.

''You'll be saying I was pouring steroids in my eyes,'' Andrews said. ''Not me. Some guys do HGH [human growth hormones], some guys do Clear Eyes.''

I really love Andrews and the personality he brings to this team. He reminds me of those fun Eagles of the Buddy Ryan era like Jerome Brown, who were always good for some great quotes after a game.

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