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Eagles v Redskins Defining Moment

As part of a partnership with Samsung and their "In the NFL, the biggest Games are decided by the smallest details" campaign, the football folks here at SBN are submitting their "defining moments" from the weekend of NFL football. Go there and vote for my moment! You can also submit your own there. My moment was of course the 8 play goal line stand by the Philadelphia Eagles...

With just a little over 4 minutes remaining in the game the Redskins, leading 22-20 at the time, drove the ball the Philadelphia 7 yard line and had first and goal. The Eagles defense held strong on first and second down limiting Clinton Portis to just a yard on each play. The defense appeared to stop the Redskins once again on 3rd down just inches from a TD, but a defensive holding penalty wasted the effort and gave the Redskins a fresh set on downs on the 3 yard line. On first down the Skins ran left and were stopped a yard shy of a TD. On second down they ran right and lost a yard. On third down an offsides call pushed them back 5 yards. Finally, on 3rd and goal the Eagles again kept Clinton Portis out of the end zone and the Redskins had to settle for a field goal which extended their lead to just 25-20. The Eagles scored the winning TD on the ensuing drive. That 8 play goal line stand that included two first and goals was the defining moment of the weekend.


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