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Calling out Jason Whitlock on his hypocrisy

Jason Whitlock, who has decided that he's the foremost authority on race in America, is the latest to stick his nose where it doesn't belong and comment on the Reid/kids/drugs situation... Of course, it's all about race!! Oooh!!

If this was a ghetto tale, police would look at Tammy Reid the same as Brianna Barksdale, as a silent co-conspirator or possible user. Garrett Reid would have to squeal on his suppliers or participate in a sting. He certainly wouldn't be viewed as salvageable. He'd be seen as a tool to make a bigger case.

Garrett Reid's admittance that he's a drug dealer and the fact that large quantities of drugs and weapons were found at the Reid home would make their house subject to seizure by the state. The Reids would be targets, not victims.

I suppose Jason Whitlock forgot about all the sympathy Tony Dungy, a black head coach, got when his son's troubles surfaced(which were 1000x times worse, after all SOMEONE DIED.) Not only did he get "a pass" but he got national sympathy and everyone gushed over what a great father and great man Dungy is. Tony Dungy has 4 other children and no one was calling on him to quit his job to "get his house in order."

Before his suicide, Dungy's son had been taken into custody a few months before after an apparent drug overdose. Yet I heard none of the hand wringing and blame directed at Dungy that I hear directed at Reid. I didn't hear anyone chastising Tony Dungy for not quitting and I didn't hear anyone call him "a bad father." Nor should they have. It was a family tragedy and was none of our business. Neither is the Reid situation.

It's shameful that Andy Reid is still coaching the Eagles. With his acquired wealth and impeccable coaching reputation, he could step away from football for two or three years, focus on his family and walk right back into a top coaching job. Hmm. Maybe tales from the neighborhood are just as dysfunctional as tales from the 'hood.

Did Whitlock write an article lambasting Dungy over what a bad father he was after his son's death? Did he write a diatribe about how shameful it was that Dungy was still coaching the Colts in the months following his son's apparent drug overdose and before his suicide? Not that I can find.

In fact, he recently said this of Dungy

Indy coach Tony Dungy is so honorable, strong and friendly it's nearly impossible to root against the Colts.

But Andy Reid?

But let me tell you what's most troubling about all of this: Andy Reid's cowardice and the fact that we're letting him get away with it.

So tell me Mr. Whitlock, who has the double standard here?

But I do want to spell out how this would have been handled differently by the authorities and interpreted differently by the media and the public had this been your typical ghetto tale involving poor black, brown or white people or black and brown people of any income level.

Apparently, in your case, the media gives "brown people" in the exact same situation(actually worse) a pass. In fact, you call them "strong" and "honorable." You call the white guy "cowardly" and "shameful."

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