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Eagles v Redskins pregame tidbits

Domo think the Eagles have the QB edge this weekend, but it's not pretty either way.

Eagles: Donovan McNabb's tentative decision-making has turned the checkdown into a crutch. Take out the Detroit game and he's averaging just 6.4 yards per attempt. His YPA hasn't been that low since 2002, when he averaged 6.3.

Redskins: Jason Campbell appears to be regressing. He's thrown just six TD passes all season, none to a wide receiver. He hasn't completed a 30-plus yard pass in the last 18 quarters. Campbell hurt the Eagles with his legs in the first meeting, rushing for 39 yards and three first downs.


He also goes on to say the Eagles are better at RB and the Redskins are better at WR, which I think is completely backwards. The Skins are far deeper at RB and the Eagles WRs are far more productive than Washington's...

I hadn't realized this, but before this week the Eagles' offensive line hadn't practiced together in almost a month.

IF YOU'RE SEARCHING for straws to grasp, as the Eagles head down to Washington tomorrow to belatedly begin the task of salvaging their season, wrap your fingers around this one: The offensive line is less banged-up than it has been for several weeks. It even practiced together all week, for the first time since Jon Runyan banged his tailbone on the side of the cold tub on Oct. 18.

"I know [practicing together] doesn't hurt you, and it doesn't hurt you at that position," coach Andy Reid, a former BYU offensive lineman, said yesterday. "That doesn't mean that things are going to come automatically . . . That group needs to be dancing the same dance."

"It helps a lot, just to get the continuity back," said center Jamaal Jackson, the only member of the front five whose name hasn't appeared on an injury report recently.

Kevin Kolb doesn't sound like he thinks his number will be called any time soon, but he's ready if it is...

McNabb said Wednesday he wouldn't support a quarterback change, a remark that raised some eyebrows in the media but drew the pupil's full support.

"First of all, I don't see it happening," Kolb said. "And secondly, who doesn't want to start, in his shoes? ... He deserves to be the guy this year. We have a lot of things to fix."

But is Kolb ready to start?

"I've been trying to prepare like a starter," he said, "regardless if I'm third-string, fourth-string, when Kelly [Holcomb] was here, or whatever. That's the way I had to go into the year. Mentally, I feel like I'm there. Obviously, there's some things physically that I'll have to learn on the run, but I don't see that happening anytime soon."

By the way, I listened to that press conference and heard some of the dumbest, most leading questions ever from the Philly media. They actually asked McNabb if he would support a QB change... Are you serious? Then they were surprised when he said he wouldn't? He then asked the reporter if he would mind if the paper gave away his job. Everyone laughed like he was making a joke, and it was... so was the original question. A joke.

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