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Q heads back to the bench

Q is headed back to the bench...

With All-Pro free safety Brian Dawkins recovered from his Week 2 neck stinger, Mikell is set to return to his role as a backup and special teams leader after five games as one of the most effective starters on the defense.

Others may well protest that he has earned a bigger permanent role as the season goes forward, perhaps even a shot at unseating strong safety Sean Considine as a starter. But those words will likely never sound from Mikell's lips.

"Obviously I want to be out there helping the team, but I prepared myself for (this) day," Mikell said Wednesday, after head coach Andy Reid made it plain that Dawkins was back and that 'Q' was back to the bench.

"I never said, 'I'm the man until the end of time,' Mikell said. "I came in and took the stance of, 'I'm going to hold it down for (Dawkins) to come back,' and when he came back, I'll go back to my regular job."

Mikell will get plenty of chances to play. Andy has already said Dawkins will not be able to play every down after 6 weeks on the sideline... Plus, Q is a great special teamer and it'll be nice to have him there again.

I do wonder where Mikell would be right now if Dawkins had been around during the preseason. In all likelihood he'd have had a shot at competing for the strong safety slot. As it was, Considine won the job almost unchallenged. While I don't Sean has done a bad job, I can't help but be tantalized by the idea of Dawkins and Mikell back there. That would make for a pretty hard hitting pair of safeties.

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