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The Game Picking Ass Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon - Week 5

Danza > Wahlberg?
So far this year I've been enrolled in a Pick Em' contest against the other SBN football bloggers where we pick each NFL game every week against the spread... because picking winners is for girls. Real men use the spread.

I figured why not share those picks with the world? So, in honor of the great Tony Danza disney movie, I've named this weekly segment "The Game Picking Ass Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon "

I've been off to a rocky start to the season so far with only 40% of my picks ending up as winners... I sit in 13th place out of 22 bloggers. But like our beloved Birds, I have time to turn it around. All I need is one good week and I'll be above water! You fill in the other gambler cliches...

Home teams are in CAPS and my pick is in BOLD. So here we go...

TENNESSEE -8.5 v Atlanta - The Falcons played better last week and while the Titans may very well win this game I think 8.5 is too much to lay.
HOUSTON -5.5 v Miami
Jacksonville -2.5 v KANSAS CITY
Arizona -3.5 v ST. LOUIS - Gus Frerotte is still in the NFL and he's starting for the Rams. Nuff said.
NEW ENGLAND -16.5 v Cleveland - The Pats have had ridiculous lines all year and I've made the mistake of picking against them... Even though a line of 16.5 is a joke, I'm not making the same mistake this week.
NEW ORLEANS -3.0 v Carolina
NEW YORK (NYG) -3.5 v New York (NYJ) - The Giants are technically the home team in this game and I do think they'll win, but by a FG. So I'll take the Jets to cover the 3.5
PITTSBURGH -5.5 v Seattle - I think the Steelers loss last week was an aberration thanks to the fact that they faced their former coach. They'll beat the Seahawks this week by a lot more than 5.5
WASHINGTON -3.5 v Detroit - Even in a bad game the Lions will score a lot of points... I just don't think the Skins have the firepower to keep up. Detroit wins this one outright.
INDIANAPOLIS -10.0 v Tampa Bay - Before the Bucs got hit big time with the injury bug this might have actually been a good game.
DENVER -1.5 v San Diego
Baltimore -3.5 v SAN FRANCISCO - This is a interesting game between two teams who everyone thought would be better than they have been. That said, with Trent Dilfer starting the Niners can't win.
GREEN BAY -3.0 v Chicago - Brett Favre vs Brian Griese? LOL
Dallas -10.0 v BUFFALO - Classic trap game for Dallas. They face a bad team, out of conference, on the road, with a massive game against the Patriots looming next week. I think they still win, but Buffalo makes it uncomfortably close.

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