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The Linc 10.04.07 - I want to win ALOT edition

Someone won last week...
First, a blogger for says he has "sources close to Andy Reid and the team" that say Andy will step down as coach at some point during this bye week...
Although Bird's Eye View kinda picks apart the rumor. (Bird's Eye View)

I've been wondering this myself, is there something wrong with Reggie Brown? (Iggles Blog)

After the Mets collapse this year, MR Met has hit hard times. (700 Level)

Domo is asking a question that I think has crossed a few of our minds... Is Andy's focus elsewhere? (

If you are the type of person that would be interested in seeing a woman wearing nothing but jeans and a body paint Chase Utley jersey... you should click here. Update [2007-10-4 22:16:25 by BleedGreen]: The same artist did a kearse body paint jersey as well. Very nice. (Flickr)

I agree that there were several guys who out on really good performances last sunday which were wasted. (G Cobb)

Although those of us in Philly have the pleasure of watching playoff baseball during the bye week, I felt this article could be helpful anyway. Top 10 things to do during an NFL bye week. (E-Sports)

As we saw a few weeks ago Lions WR Roy Williams is a guy us Eagles fans wouldn't mind having in town. .. Actually, only us Eagles fans that aren't waiters or waitresses or single ladies looking to date an NFL WR would want him in town. (With Leather)

The Eagles organization has drawn praise from environmentalists for their efforts to help the environment. Eagles fans, not so much. (On The Ball)

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