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The most vile creature on earth, the fake Dallas fan

Considering that today is Halloween, I think it's appropriate to discuss who I consider to be the most vile creatures on earth. The scourge of any NFL city... That would Dallas Cowboy fans not from Dallas. Anyone who listens to the BGN podcast(or has heard me vent my feelings on these people several times. Earlier this week, the great Philly sports blog, The 700 Level, also brought up this awful phenomenon.

Dallas fans who have lived in the Philly area your whole lives

WTF is wrong with you people?  Little girls like stars and uniforms.  Not real football fans.

The comments over there are an absolute must read...

Now to be honest, despite our rivalry, I have no problem with real Dallas fans. Those people that go to the stadium every week and live in area are just regular football fans supporting their home team. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. The fake, front running Dallas fans that grew up New Jersey, or Ohio, or Florida, are a different story. I'll never understand it. What fun is it to sit alone in your house with no friends hoping that your favorite team isn't playing at the same time as the the local team? If they win, you have no friends to celebrate with. When the Eagles win, I get to celebrate with 60,000 other fans at the Linc or with a few hundred other fans at a local bar. My friends, family, and the people I grew up are all Eagles fans and we enjoy football together. I get to pick up my morning paper and read all about my team, I get tune in the local radio stations who all talk about my team, I can watch local TV and hear about my team. I get to savor my teams' success in a way the fake Dallas fans never will.

That aspect of community is what makes football so great. It's what makes sports great and it's something the fake Dallas fans will sadly never experience. Trace it all the way back to the gladiators when Romans would get behind their local guy as he wore their colors into battle. Fake Dallas fans would have been rooting for the other guy from the other town thousands of miles away. Were these fake fans also rooting for the Nazis to win WWII? What would make these people hate their community and in reality, themselves so much?

Is it just a need to be "that guy" that everyone hates? I've met many Giants & Redskins fans that I find to be "like-able" guys. I've even met Dallas from Dallas that are like-able guys. However, these fake fans from no where near Dallas are in all likelihood unable to fit in with their community, so they do whatever they can to carve out an identity for themselves.  At least being the villain that annoys everyone is an identity. Poor guys...

In the end, I pity these people. I know that if Dallas wins a superbowl that the parade and celebrations will take place thousands of miles away from these people and they'll be no part of it. They like to brag about their team's rings, but in reality those fake fans got not joy from those rings. They sat alone in their house and watched those superbowls and the next day they went to work at the their job in Cherry Hill. In the meantime, real Cowboys fans were partying in the streets and taking real pride in their communities' success.

So when the Eagles finally do win that Superbowl, we can take pride in the fact that the party will be in our backyard with all our family in friends... not thousands of miles away in a place we've never been with people we've never met.

Now, if any of these fake fans would like explain or defend themselves in the comments... please do so.

Update [2007-10-31 15:2:55 by BleedGreen]: The fake fans from Dallas don't even respect the real ones in Dallas! These guys really are just anti social types that are lashing out at the world that won't accept them... This is from our Cowboys fan pal Terry who was born and raised in PA...

"I got news for you the REAL fans of the Cowboys reside outside of Dallas, I guarantee that."

Brilliant! Do you Cowboys fans in Dallas agree that you're not REAL fans?

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