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Eagles v Vikings Defining Moments

As part of a partnership with Samsung and their "In the NFL, the biggest Games are decided by the smallest details" campaign, the football folks here at SBN are submitting their "defining moments" from the weekend of NFL football. Go there and vote for my moment! You can also submit your own there. My moment was of course from the Birds/Vikes matchup.

Eagles v Vikings defining moment

Andy Reid brought his Philadelphia Eagles into Minnesota to face his former assistant Brad Childress's Vikings. It was the classic mentor v protégé matchup and Childress showed that he was clearly paying attention all those years in Philly. Much like Andy Reid did against Dallas early in his tenure with the Eagles, Brad Childress surprised everyone by calling an onside kick following the first Vikings touchdown. The Vikings recovered and had the ball in Eagles' territory already up 7-0 and now with a chance to blow the game wide open in the first quarter. That's when the mentor, armed with the Eagles defense, put his protégé in his place. On first down Eagles DE Trent Cole sacked Kelly Holcomb for 8 yards. On second down Holcomb was rushed into an incomplete pass. That brought up 3rd and 14 when Holcomb is again pressured and this time forced to commit a intentional grounding penalty. That forced the Vikings into a 4th and 29 from their own 33. So after the Vikes grabbed all the momentum with the onside kick, the Eagles' defense took it all back by driving them back 19 yards and forcing a 3 & out. The Eagles scored on the ensuing drive and never looked back.

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