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Eagles beat Vikings 23-16

Solid win today on the road against a Vikings team that still has a whole lot of fight in it. Another solid effort on defense, no turnovers again by they pressured the passer well and did a fine job containing Adrian Peterson. 3-4 makes this game next week against the Cowboys a hell of a lot more interesting than 2-5 would have...

Now to some headlines

Reggie Brown and The Great Pumpkin

Really great effort from Reggie this week as he hauls in 8 passes for over 100 yards in what was easily his best game of the year so far. That's two solid games from Reggie in the past 3 weeks, hopefully that's a sign that he's turned the corner for this year. He still hasn't scored this year and for a guy that found the end zone 8 times last year that's a disappointment.

Eagles handled "the greatest running back in the NFL" who "no one else is even close to"

As Brian Baldinger let us know in this game Adrian is "the greatest RB in the game today and no one is even close to him." Tomlinson, Gore, Westbrook, Jackson, McGahee... these guys are not even close to the greatness of Adrian Peterson? Come on Baldy, I think you got ahead of yourself. How many times in this game did he proclaim someone or something the greatest in the league? Don't get me wrong, I love Peterson and think he is a great great back. But by far the greatest in the game today? I think that's stretching a bit. The Eagles did a good job against the rookie limiting him to only 3.5 yards per rush for a total of 70.

It's close to a year... and looking like it for McNabb

It takes a year to fully recover from an ACL. That's what we've heard a billion times since McNabb went down, well that year mark is getting close and McNabb is indeed looking like he's getting closer to 100%. I'm not saying he's as fast as he once was, but he clearly was moving better and avoiding the rush better today that he may have all season. He completed 64% of passes for 333 yards and a TD in what was a solid all around day for him. I also thought for the first time that he had a real sense of the rush and didn't hold onto balls too long.

Trent Cole is approaching elite status

Trent Cole has more sacks in his first 3 years than any Eagle in team history. His two sacks today put him at 9 for the year which leads the NFL(pending the outcome the rest of the games today of course.) He's already exceeded his sack total from last year and has forced 2 fumbles so far, which is also more than last year. This is a young guy who has made big improvements every year he's been in the league and looks to be a lock to become the Eagles first double digit sack artist since probably Hugh Douglas in 2002.

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