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The Linc 10.24.07 - I wanna watch a game with Jessica Biel edition

Not what I'd call "sexy"
I love how Bounty Bowl has a knack for finding the absurdity in the local media. Like professional journalists just pretending to be regular guys. (Bounty Bowl)

Ahh, the continuing exploits of our favorite Philly columnist, Dana Pennett O'Neill. She just tells it like is(or not)! (Iggles Blog)

It seems like every week I end up including a link bashing Dallas... I'm ok with that. Dallas Sucks...with numbers (Poor Sports)

A list of reasons one blogger is done with Andy Reid. (Scrapple)

"Bad teams find a way to lose." Truer words were never spoken. (Eagles Eye)

Jessica Beil likes watching the Packers, her girlfriend seems more interested in her. (WWTDD)

If you're still feeling positive about this Eagles season, are you just being delusional? Maybe not. (Depressed Fan)

Highlights from the Bears game. Ick. (Inside the Iggles)

Boston sports fans sure are riding high these days... So KSK decided to take them down a notch. (Kissing Suzy Kolber)

I think the Eagles want to win, but they aren't good enough... The ladies don't agree. (Eagles Chick)

The Eagles didn't think Kelly Holcomb was good enough to hold a clipboard, but he'll likely start against them this weekend. (700 Level)

Donovan McNabb has updated his blog this week, and apparently he hates losing. So do I 5. (Yardbarker)

We could all give our thoughts on that Bears game last Sunday, but no one says it better than Denny Green. (Fortress Of Pillows)

Since the world series is now underway, you must check out this report on Daisuke Matsuzaka from Japanese TV. It's just fantastic. (With Leather)

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