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Eagles offense/prevent defense blow it

Well, it couldn't have been more easy. The Bears had 97 yards to go with less than 2 min to go with no timeouts. Rather than attack like they did all day, the Eagles defense dropped into prevent and let the Bears march down the field for a heartbreaking win. Three man rushes gave Brian Greise and the Bears offense, who had done little all day, free reign to grab chunks of yardage as they walked down the field for a win that keeps their season alive. Oh, and I'd be remiss if I didn't at least mention that embarrassing coverage from Considine on the final TD.

The defense, up until that last drive had played a fantastic game but the offense... Well, they came out similar to the way they did last week. Complete ineptitude in the redzone, disappearing acts in the second half, inaccuracy by McNabb that prevented at least one TD to the TE... Despite that last embarrassing drive, make no mistake it was the offense who lost this one.

It's dark days here in Eagle-land. With wins by all three other NFC East teams, the Eagles in all likelihood blew this season in the last minute and a half or so...

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