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Eagles saving on gas

This is something that just kind of dawned on me. Early this season the Eagles are not exactly racking up the frequent flyer mileage. Check out this stretch of schedule starting with week 2...

Washington at home
Detroit at home
Giants up the turnpike away
Jets up the turnpike away
Chicago at home

The following week they go on the road to the Vikings, which will be their first significant travel in 6 weeks. Even after that week it's a fairly light travel schedule.

Dallas at home
Washington away
Miami at home
New England away
Seattle at home
Giants at home

Of the first 14 weeks of the season, you could reasonably say that the Eagles would only need to travel by plane twice. I'm not sure how the team gets to Boston or DC, but they could probably take a team bus there as quick as they could fly. The Birds have actually played a surprisingly tough schedule so far, with all 4 teams they've faced currently having at least a .500 record. Contrast that with the division leading Cowboys who will play just one team currently with a winning record(Patriots) in the first 7 weeks of their season leading into their bye.

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