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5 Questions with the Bears

I just wanted a reason to post this odd picture...
This week's game preview comes in the form of an interview with Adam of the Bears blog, Windy City Gridiron. There's certainly no shortage of stuff to talk about surrounding the defending NFC champs, so here we go...

BGN - The 07 Bears remind me of the 05 Eagles. Coming off their superbowl year they struggled. Some called it post big game malaise and others(like me) blamed it on injuries that stacked up. What do you think has led to the Bears' slow start?

WCG - Much the same.  We have lost Brown, Archuleta, Harris, Vashar, Tillman, Walker and Dvorcek for at least one game some more including Dvoracek and Brown for the season.  Urlacher and Briggs are still playing, but constantly listed on the injury report.

On offense everything is just a big ol mess.  Line isn't blocking or protecting, Benson only plays when he feels like it, the play calling has been horrendous and of course we had a QB change in the middle.

BGN - The QB situation... Is Griese giving you guys a better chance to win than Rex Grossman did?

WCG - Yes and no.  He is safer, so in terms of getting back into the playoffs he probably is a better option, but he cannot win a game for us.  He lacks the deep ball.  Grossman with his arm can change the direction of the game.  We didn't see it from him this year, whether because we stopped calling those plays or he just kept checking down I am not sure of.

I get the feeling if your team doesn't do well the rest of the season, we will both be spending significant time on articles about the McNabb to Chicago rumor.

BGN - It seems like the Bears are a team that lives or dies by the turnover. They've given up 11 turnovers in their 4 losses, but forced 8 in their 2 wins. How have you not had a heart attack watching some of these games?

WCG - Who says I haven't?  I did just come off a vacation.  You are absolutely correct, the Bears under Coach Smith are always been a takeaway team, but without being able to keep healthy you lose the guys who create those turnovers.  On offense it is simple as holding onto the ball.  Interceptions happen as do fumbles, but no one player should have 3 fumbles in a four game span like Cedric Benson did. Griese and Grossman both have a knack for throwing an interception in somebody's red zone.  Neither are good for a defense that is trying to get healthy.

BGN - I kinda see this as a make or break game for both of these teams. The Eagles at 2-3 and the Bears at 2-4 can ill afford to fall further back. Would you say the season could be over for the loser of this game?

WCG - Hard to say.  There really are only a few teams that have set themselves out there, so there still is room to make a run, but both teams would be in big time trouble.  They would have to play 2 loss ball the rest of the reason.

BGN - I ask this of every opposing team blogger... If you could pick one Eagle to have on your team who would it be?

WCG - Again hard to say, my first instinct is to say Westbrook, but we have weapons on offense, we just need to use them.  I think instead I would opt for whatever healthy nose tackle you have.

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