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The Linc 10.18.07 - Sex Cannon Edition

winning rules
The go-to surgeon for seemingly every injured athlete in the world, Dr James Andrews, says McNabb has a linebacker mentality. (Iggles Blog)

Some fans just want to see wins, other fans want to win with style. I must admit, some style would be nice... (Scrapplelog)

Depressed fan has the keys to success as we stare down the Bears. And his most obvious one is the same as mine, let's hope it's as obvious to the large red haired man... (Depressed Fan)

Why has the Inquirer's Bob Ford become such a negative nancy lately? Word of advice, don't go to Atlantic City with Bob Ford. (Eagle Scout)

To hell with express written consent from the NFL! How about some Eagles/Jets video highlights? (Inside the Iggles)

Shawn Andrews had probably his best game of the year against the Jets. Could it be because he had to go to the bathroom? On that note, I gotta say that on a team that's very business like and focused, it's great to have a personality like Andrews around. I love Dawk, Westbrook, & McNabb but those guys are very serious. (Bounty Bowl)

The Metro Philly Eagles blog put out their power rankings and have the Eagles stuck in the middle. In the soon to be released SBN football bloggers ranking I had the Eagles at 17 I believe. I also dropped Dallas out of the top 5! (Bird's Eye View)

I never bothered to see The Transformers, but the girl in it, Megan Fox, is ridiculously hot. (WWTDD)

In a move sure to drum up controversy and debate amongst the Philly faithful, the Eagle Report has unleashed The Cheesesteak Wars! (BLOG)

The premier Anti Dallas site on the internet is of course rubbing it in following the blowout at the hands of the Pats. (America's Team Sucks)

Further proof that everyone hates Dallas fans(especially those that live outside of Dallas!) here's a video shot before the Bills/Cowboys Monday game which includes, among other things, Bills fans pelting a boasting Dallas fan with beer cans. Right around the 2 min mark. Obvious that would have made national news had it been Eagles fans... (YouTube)

Those Chicago writers sure are tricky! Har har... (700 Level)

Even though he unfortunately will not be playing against the Eagles this weekend, this tribute to the Sex Cannon Rex Grossman is still a must read. (Kissing Suzy Kolber)

On the latest BGN Live podcast our guest from Fortress of Pillows felt he came off"sounding like a nerd with allergies, a speech impediment and a crippling tendency to lean on clichés." A harsh critic indeed. (Fortress of Pillows)

Finally, more proof that steroid user Shawne Merriman is an awesome spokesperson for a multinational, billion dollar company... Great choice Nike! (With Leather)

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