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What can Brown do for you?

As I checked the morning papers the day after the Eagles beat the Jets up the turnpike in New Jersey, it seems two guys are getting most of the press. S Brown & R Brown...

First, Sheldon.

REUBEN FRANK | Brown Bags Jets

This was the matchup the Jets wanted. Laveranues Coles in the end zone alone with Sheldon Brown.

It was also the matchup the Eagles wanted.

"You want to go to Sheldon, that's on you," linebacker Omar Gaither said. "He showed why he's a great cornerback. They got the matchup they wanted, but we'll take it. Sheldon made a great play."

ASHLEY FOX | After a trip home, Brown comes back big

yesterday, Brown had a monstrous game against the New York Jets, intercepting one Chad Pennington pass and breaking up another in the end zone that could have been disastrous. Brown's hands were all over the Eagles' 16-9 win over the Jets, and they are all over an Eagles defense that has given up just six touchdowns in five games despite missing two Pro Bowl-caliber starters in the secondary.

Now, Reggie.

Paul Domowitch | A brighter shade of Brown this week

A guy who caught eight TD passes and averaged 17.7 yards per catch just a season ago,

suddenly found himself being compared to some of the worst pass-catching dreck to ever put on an Eagles uniform.

But in a game the Eagles absolutely, positively had to have yesterday, and on a critical third down they absolutely, positively had to convert, the oft-maligned third-year wideout came up big.

Brown turned in his best

performance of the season in the Eagles' 16-9 win over the Jets. Had six receptions for 89 yards, including a critical 13-yard third-down catch with 2 minutes left in the fourth quarter that allowed the Eagles to run out the clock.

JEFF OFFORD | Not such a stretch for Brown to get open

Must have been the Spandex.

Last week Reggie Brown donned practice tights underneath his practice shorts -- la Terrell Owens -- and trotted out to the NovaCare Complex fields, looking a lot like the Eagles former all-pro.

"All I wanted to do was get a little extra warmth on my legs," Brown said yesterday. "That's all. No copycatting. No, no, none of that."

Although he would never want to mimic T.O.'s actions away from football, Brown was certainly glad to put up some Owens-like numbers on the field against the Jets.

Tom Rimback of had a very interesting stat this morning about Trent Cole. He recored his 19th sack as Eagle, which is the second most ever for an Eagles draft pick in his first 3 seasons. He's currently a half sack behind Jerome Brown, meaning he should easily surpass Brown in the very near future. I'm sure no one would have predicted that the player more likely to surpass the mark would be the 5th rounder Cole over the 1st rounder McDougle.

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