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The Linc 10.11.07 - The French are tough edition

It's a bye week, and we need it...
I wanna call attention to a great article about this whole Andy Reid maybe leaving saga. So many sites were more than happy to run with the so called "story," but how many are answering for the fact that it appears to be completely made up? (Football For Breakfast)

It's official The Eagles will be on the field at the superbowl this year!! Yeah, when hell freezes over. Click the link, then laugh at my brilliant joke. (With Leather)

ESPN ombudsman, and my personal hero, Le Anne Schreiber rips "the world leader" for fueling the non story that was the trumped up McNabb race controversy. (ESPN)

Iggles Blog has a painful, yet fascinating film review of the Giants game. (Iggles Blog)

Andy Reid seems to think the Eagles run the ball enough. Note to Andy, you don't. (Eagles Eye)

For this team, the turnaround must come now and there's reason to think it could. (Eagles Gab)

Let's just continue on a hopeful note and check out even more reasons to be optimistic. (Eagle Scout)

After what can only be a soul sucking week for our favorite Eagles/Yankees fan, Depressed Fan has gone MIA for the past several days!!! (Depressed Fan)

It's pretty much official, no one respects Eli Manning and no one listens to him. Not even New Yorkers. (Page Six)

Gotta love the the new flash intro over at the Green Legion. (Green Legion)

I have to admit I was beaten to the punch in scratching my literary head over the Avant after school special on the Eagles website. (Bounty Bowl)

Let me be the first to congratulate former Eagles WR Na Brown & DE Jon Harris on their induction as the class of 07 in the Eagles Hall of Obscurity. (The Eagle Report)

Now, I love America. I love NFL football... so please don't take me as a treasonous Euro snob when I say that rugby players are by far the toughest athletes on earth. Especially French ones. This video features a guy named Sebastian Chabal in the Rugby World Cup going on right now. This guy is a monster. (Youtube)

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