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Michael Vick gets the hammer

We know Mike Vick faces up to 18 months in prison, but perhaps even more scary for him was the prospect of possibly having to pay back nearly $20 million in signing bonus money to the Falcons. The worst happened.

Yesterday, Vick was ordered to return the  $19,970,000 in bonuses he was paid over the last 3 years. Vick's legal & financial problems don't stop there.

He already has been sued by an Indiana bank that claims he failed to repay at least $2 million in loans for a car rental business, and by a Canadian bank that claims he owes more than $2.3 million for real estate investments.

Of course, Vick has more troubling issues to deal with than cash-flow problems. He'll be sentenced Dec. 10 in the federal dogfighting case and is expected to get at least a year in prison. He's also facing felony dogfighting charges in Virginia, which carry possible sentences of up to five years each.

In addition, Vick tested positive for marijuana last month, drawing the ire of the judge who will be sentencing him in December. U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson ordered Vick confined to his Virginia home between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. with electronic monitoring. He also must submit to random drug testing.

In other word kids, don't be like Mike. Vick.

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