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Eagles screwed for Bears fans' comfort?

Rich Hoffman broke a big story in my opinion that the Eagles only get 6 days off because the NFL thinks Bears fans would be too cold...

So, just to get this straight, the Seattle Seahawks have 8 days off between their Saturday night gift of a first-round victory over Dallas and their second-round game at Chicago, and the Eagles will get only 6 days off before they play the New Orleans Saints on Saturday night at the Superdome.

How is this fair? It isn't.

Why is it happening? Apparently, the NFL is concerned that Bears fans aren't quite as tough as their reputation.

A league source told the Daily News that worries about having Chicago fans sit outside for a second consecutive night game - the Bears finished the regular season on Sunday night, Dec. 31 against the Packers - are the reason the Bears-Seahawks game is on Sunday afternoon while the Eagles-Saints (to be played indoors) is on Saturday night.

That it is a real competitive disadvantage for the Eagles apparently did not compare to the comfort of Bears fans. Weather ruled over a level playing field - even though this is a league that has played night playoff games in cold weather cities repeatedly in recent seasons, including in Green Bay and New England.

Chicago and New Orleans earned their 14 days off by having the two best records in the NFC this season. Normally, that is an enormous advantage. Enormous just got bigger, though.

If this source is true, this is BS by the NFL.

Update [2007-1-8 13:48:48 by BleedGreen]: just so we are clear... My problem is that Bears fans could obviously care less about the cold. Certainly the Bears team wouldn't care, which is why that reasoning by the NFL(if it's true) is so bizarre.

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