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Monday Morning Media Roundup

Before I get into what's being written about this game, I want to pass along an exciting stat. This is one for all the naysayers who claim the Eagles "window is closing." 10 of their 22 starters last night made their playoff debut.

Now, onto the media!! A pretty common theme in the monday morning articles is how silly the Giants sounded as they collectively patted each other on the back for what most people saw as a dreadful season...

John Smallwood says, Somebody please tell the Giants who won. It's a pretty funny read as Smallwood dissects the Giants' quotes from after the game.

Shockey could have been the most clueless. Oddly enough the guy who was possibly their most delusional and biggest trash talker was the one guy who made sense, Antonio Pierce.

The Giants again turned to their favorite excuse for failure - the New York media. They even congratulated themselves for sticking together despite the evil press delivering quotes from them that rolled coaches and teammates under the bus at every opportunity.

"A little bit of both," Shockey responded when asked if it was because of the questions from the media or the answers the Giants gave. "Mainly, it was the way [the media] wrote them.

"But we didn't let it separate us. We didn't turn on each other or the coaches. Next year, this is going to be a very close team, and we'll be a force to be reckoned with."

Uh, right.

Perhaps Shockey would have been better off heeding the words of Giants middle linebacker Antonio Pierce.

"From all the talk about us being outcoached or outplayed, to retirements or calling everything that was made up in the media, the one thing we need to do is just keep our mouths shut," Pierce said.

That's a lesson for next season because, even if the Giants are having a hard time accepting it, this one is officially over.

Stephen A Smith focused on Coughlin's delusions.

"We played our tails off," Coughlin said. "We fought. There was no quit in this team. Obviously, you can always find things you're disappointed in, that you could have done better, following a loss. But that doesn't take away from the fact I'm proud of these guys. Proud to coach them. Proud of the season we've had."


The Giants have nothing to be proud of today compared with the Eagles.

Despite the absence of Donovan McNabb, the Eagles are the ones heading to New Orleans next weekend for another postseason game. As Coughlin was so willing to point out, the Giants couldn't stop Brian Westbrook from rushing for 141 yards (20 carries). They couldn't force Jeff Garcia (17 for 31, 153 yards, no interceptions) into any mistakes. And the Eagles were the ones able to overcome a performance from the great Tiki Barber (26 carries, 137 yards) and Plaxico Burress (5 receptions, 89 yards, 2 TDs), mainly because mistakes and a lack of discipline - all the things Coughlin was suppose to eliminate when he arrived three years ago.

Andy seems pessimistic about Lito playing this weekend, Lito seems more hopeful.

An MRI exam will be performed today to see the extent of the damage, which occurred on a running play. But Eagles coach Andy Reid was pessimistic about the possibility that Sheppard might be able to make it back for Saturday night's second-round playoff game at New Orleans.

"It probably doesn't look too good for this coming week," Reid said, which means that he will have some decisions to make in the coming days involving Rod Hood, Joselio Hanson and perhaps William James (who didn't dress for yesterday's game).

Sheppard said the team's medical staff popped the elbow back into place while he was still on the field.

He said, "It's a little sore but I'll be OK. I think it's more hysterical than pain.

"You see your elbow turned a different way, and you know it's not supposed to go that way. But it was cool. It will be all right."

Finally my favorite quote from was from John Runyan, who most saw as lucky to not get thrown out of the game. He hit Giants DT Barry Cofield late and drew a penalty, then in the fracas that followed he knocked Sam Madison on his butt... or did he?

Runyan said he didn't hit Madison.

"The second guy jumped in my face and fell down," he said.

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