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Eagles Win NFC East Classic 23-20

AP Photo/Rusty Kennedy
Right now,I'd like to kiss Koy Detmer's wonderful, soft hands... In the biggest pressure kick in years, in the rain Koy took a high snap and made the hold that led to the Akers kick that won Andy Reid's 6th first round playoff game in 6 tries.

I think we can all agree that after watching that Romo debacle last night that we all were pretty happy Andy made the decision to bring back Koy for the playoffs. Given that move last week, isn't it fitting that this game came down to kick?

The great hold and kick aside, let's get to the real reason we won this thing. That would be a certain #36, Brian Westbrook. Looking at the final stats of this game and watching it play out it's fairly obvious that this game was a war between 2 running backs. Both were damn near unstoppable whether they were handed the ball or thrown it. On this day, our guy was just a bit better. This game was in my eyes, a passing of the torch from Tiki Barber to Brian as one of the elite backs in football. Playoffs are where stars and are born and legends are made, certainly Westbrook's 141 yard 1 TD performance over the division rival Giants will enter Philly football lore.

Overall, it was an amazing game and an amazing win. Looking back, how could we expect an NFC East battle to turn out any different? The Giants looked like a hapless team entering this postseason and to their credit they gave the Eagles all they could handle. I don't know if it was enough to save Coughlin's job, but then again I don't really care. Considering the Saints are up next, I'm just glad that finally WE ran the clock down on the final drive and WE kicked the winning FG!

Finally, I just want to give credit to the Eagles fans tonight. They lived up to their reputation as the absolute best fans in the NFL. They were noisy and wild from start to finish, forcing the Giants into(by my count) at least 4-5 offsides penalties. They were truly a 12th man on the field and deserve tremendous credit for willing this team to a hard fought playoff victory.

E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!!!!

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