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Eagles Giants Predictions

Adam Schein from FOXSports says the Eagles are too tough for the Giants to overcome.

Though we are in the world of competitive balance and the Giants certainly know the Eagles very well and Barber is always capable of heroics, beating the Eagles will be extremely difficult on Sunday.

Five of Sports Illustrated's six writers picked the Eagles picked the Eagles. In fact, they were fairly mean about...

- There will be no Eli Manning fourth-quarter comeback this time. The Eagles stay hot and maybe end the careers of both Tiki Barber and Tom Coughlin.
  • The Giants couldn't handle the Eagles late in the season and nothing changes here. It's been nice knowing you, Tiki.
  • Jeremiah Trotter, Brian Dawkins terrorize Tiki, and it's up to Eli Manning and single coverage to win this game. I say he won't do it.
  • This time, there will be no miracle comeback. The real drama will be which Giants starter is the first to complain that New York was outcoached.

Half of CBS Sportsline`s writers picked the Giants to cover the 6.5 point spread.

CBS also had this to say about the Eagles.

There's no team in the NFC with greater momentum, and that counts for plenty at this stage. I didn't believe in this team until it completed a sweep of three consecutive road games -- with Dallas the final stop on the victory tour. Since 1990, there have been 97 three-game road trips in the NFL, and only seven clubs won all three. That tells you something about these Eagles.

The Sporting News picks the Eagles.

Expect Barber to make it close with another big game, but the Eagles will play spoiler and turn his NFL farewell into a tough playoff loss. Eagles 24, Giants 21.

Chris Carter also picked the Eagles and gave them the edge in nearly every category.

Offense: Unlike N.Y. and Eli, Eagles have veterans and stability.
Defense: Jim Johnson's blitzes will put lots of pressure on Eli
Special teams: Slight edge: Akers can kick in that windy stadium
Coaching: Andy Reid has turned around Philly's season
Intangibles: With five straight wins, Eagles have the momentum

Clark Judge wrote a pretty funny and glowing article about how no one would want the Eagles as house guests this time of year.

Tis the season to identify visitors you would rather not see on your doorstep. And the No. 1 visitor NFL teams would like to avoid this January is Andy Reid's Philadelphia Eagles. Trust me, they will raid your fridge, mess up your beds and aim poorly in the bathroom.
This is why you don't want the Eagles in your team's house, and it's why the Giants are looking forward to going to Philly like a trip to their mother-in-law's.

Pride Of Detriot, using Matt Millen-like judgement picks the Giants.

The Sports Guru from Mile High Report has the game Eagles 24- Giants 20.

Most of the Niners Nation is also picking the Eagles.

Dire Radiant pointed out that all the Cowboys fans at Blogging the Boys are, like everyone, also picking the Eagles.

Rams Blog Turf Show Times says the Eagles will have it wrapped up by halftime.

Vikings Blog The Daily Norseman also has the Eagles winning.

Dave the Falconer at The Falcoholic predicts an Eagles win.

MSNBC says the Eagles win

The Giants are beat up and prone to fatal mistakes to beat the Eagles unless Philly helps them out with mistakes of their own. The split their two games during the regular season, but the Giants won the first one thanks only to a historic collapse by the Eagles. I don’t think Philly, which is playing as well as any team in the NFC right now, will do those kinds of favors again. It will be tight for a while, but the Eagles will pull away in the second half, thanks to some bad throws by Manning. Score: Eagles 31, Giants 21.

I'm saying Eagles 24, Giants 10.

For the rest of Wildcard Weekend... I'm taking Seattle -2.5 over Dallas, KC +6 over Indy, and the Jets to cover the 8.5 against New England.

Post your predictions below!

Update [2007-1-5 9:58:39 by BleedGreen]: included some new predictions

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