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McNabb speaks in Miami

McNabb sat down with Chris Mortenson in Miami on Sportscenter at about 6:45p this evening. This is a quick gist of what he had to say.

- Right off the bat he wanted to be sure to quash all the stupid rumors floating around. "The so-called rumors are false. I'm a Philadelphia Eagle and will continue to be a Philadelphia Eagle for years to come. And, hopefully, to retire as an Eagle. I do not want to be traded. I plan on getting myself back healthy to be ready for the opening of the season, to start and to be ready to go."

- On his injury - Everything is going well and he feels he's "right on schedule." He's taking things slow and isn't going to overdo anything.

- On his mom's infamous blog - As a mom she wanted to see her son in there, but as a family they were rooting for Garcia and the Eagles. That's what mom's do. As to the fans' reaction, he said "That's Philadelphia"

- On whether he'd like to see Jeff Garcia back - "It would be great for us." He's great friends with Garcia, they're roommates and he'd love to see Jeff back. "I was very excited to see the success he had and the way the fans supported him. For those who feel I might have a grudge against Jeff or I was upset because of the way he was received that's completely false."

- On Andy canceling his press conference - It was blown out of proportion. He and Andy spoke with each other about it and they decided together there was no reason to do it.

All in all he came off as completely comfortable and matter of fact. As usual he came off as totally classy and saying the right things. He didn't sound forced and came off as very genuine. I have a feeling the Mark Eckels of the world are going to have some trouble finding stuff to write about. Anymore silly rumors about his unhappiness aren't going to sound very credible after hearing McNabb speak tonight.

Update [2007-1-31 19:7:37 by BleedGreen]: McNabb will be on NFL network for the full 90 min of their 7p NFL Total Access show.

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