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Eagles looking at Bears ST coach?

This was a quick blurb I caught in the Inky yesterday. After moving John Harbaugh to secondary coach the Eagles special teams coordinator job is open. Former Eagles ST assistant and current Bears sepcial teams coordinator Dave Toub's contract with the Bears is up after the superbowl.

There's some speculation that he could be brought in for the vacant Eagle's special teams coordinator job after the superbowl.

The Bears had the best special teams in the NFL this season based on a ranking of all categories. Robbie Gould made the Pro Bowl, leading all kickers with 143 points, and Devin Hester returned six kicks (three punts, two kickoffs and a missed field goal) for touchdowns.

Hester is amazing, but so was the Bear's blocking on his returns. Most of the Bear's special teams success probably lies in Hester and Gould's talent, but Toub clearly did a good job with the unit. That kind of scheming and creativity would be very welcome here. Plus, he could be a good mentor for Jeremy Bloom...

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