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More "sources close to McNabb" are talking

Surprise, surprise.. they also think Mark Eckels' "McNabb doubts Eagles future" story is a joke.

Former Eagle G Cobb spoke to a few "sources close to McNabb" himself...

I talked to a source close to Donovan McNabb yesterday and mentioned the article by Mark Eckel in the Trenton Times and there was immediate laughter. In fact, I was told, "Donovan was anxiously looking forward to getting back on the football field and proving he's still one of the game's best quarterbacks". The source said there was no truth to him being upset or troubled about anything. I was told that this whole thing is about nothing and that McNabb wasn't even aware of anything being wrong.

I've always thought G Cobb does a great job reporting the reality of things in Philadelphia sports. He knows how crazy people can get about this team and always does his best to tell people like it is. In fact, he coined the term "Negadelphia."

He went on to say basically what I did the other day that the story was mostly opinion, not news...

I know Mark Eckel is a credible reporter and he's not the kind who would make something up, but his article is part reporting and part commentary, just like what you're reading. Eckel wrote that, "McNabb may also be getting a vibe that some in the organization prefer Garcia over him". This is the opinion of this source or Mark's but is that news. (McNabb may) is not a quote but an opinion. I could write that Jeff Garcia may be unstable because of the way he was crying after losing to the Saints. That would be an opinion and a stupid one. This has turned into national news because somebody wrote McNabb may. If he wrote McNabb is getting the vibe that some in the organization prefer Garcia over him then that would be news, especially if accompanied by the source's statements corroborating it. A number of newspapers took Mark's opinion and put up on the top of the story like that opinion was fact. I didn't see one quote of the source saying McNabb felt the organization preferred Garcia over him.

I'd definitely would encourage everyone to read the rest of G's article. He goes on to say some interesting stuff about Trotter and how several guys on the team may not be very happy with him(justifiably IMO). He also talks about why so many veterans on this team get a free pass, but McNabb does not.

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